Emily Does Painting



To spread joy, free thinking, escapes. A favorite quote: "for a moment I can pretend"

I appreciate getting outside of realism, experimenting with color, and dream world ideas. I love taking a view and making it as vibrant as I can. I paint primarily with oil and acrylic. You can almost always find me using a pink base coat!

My goal is to help others find joy in "pretending" even if it's only for a minute.

I'm a mother of one very rare kid (#camk2b), mom to a super cool autistic kid, and mom to two normies. I'm addicted to painting and spend as much time as I can doing it. I have ADHD and Anxiety and they influence me greatly and are a fundamental part of what makes me, me. I have 4 pets, and would have more if I had the space and time to. If I ever lose the ability to paint, my mind will follow shortly after. If you're here, you likely follow me on social media and for that I thank you for making this possible for me. -Emily Sheridan @emilydoespainting

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